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Debt Collection AttorneyEach day many people rely upon credit as a means of purchasing merchandise and other items. Although this method of payment can be convenient if used properly, overextending credit or accumulating too much debt can cause legal issues and/or financial difficulties.

The laws and regulations governing the extension of credit and collection of debt are often complex. Whether you’re a creditor attempting to collect a delinquent debt, or a debtor being harassed by a collection agency and trying to negotiate a reasonable settlement, the Ball Law Center can advise you of your rights and assist you through the process.

Attorney Lance Ball is experienced in representing creditors and/or debtors in the following types of credit law and debt collection matters, including:

  • Credit and financing agreements
  • Security agreements
  • Promissory Notes
  • Mortgages
  • Credit card agreements
  • Truth in Lending violations
  • Predatory lending
  • Fair Credit Reporting
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices
  • Consumer Collection Practices
  • Demand letters and other notices
  • Collection letters and lawsuits
  • Judgment liens
  • Garnishment actions

If you are in need of legal assistance concerning a credit law or debt collection matter, please contact Attorney Lance Ball today at (941) 740-2255 to schedule a confidential consultation, and become more knowledgeable about your legal rights and available options.